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We all know that all families have a special touch: the typical weird cousin, the tattletale brother, the grumpy grandmother… anyway, who else has a relative, let’s say “special” who manages to drive us crazy or get us into more trouble.

But I never imagined that my aunt would make me feel so much shame. My name is Diego, I had just turned fifteen, Jaipur Escort Service, classes were over, and a few weeks of vacation awaited me. Sun and beach!

The bad thing is that I would have to share more time than I would like with my family, who every year insisted on going everywhere together.

In order for you to understand my shameful anecdote, I have to tell you about my Aunt Pilar. She was my mother’s sister, but much younger.

I think she had turned thirty not long ago, so we had always gotten along really well. Jaipur Escort Service We could talk about a lot of things because she always listened to me and gave me better advice than my parents.

She was without a doubt, my favorite aunt!

That summer we decided to rent a big apartment by the sea. There was me and my parents, my uncles, my little cousins, my grandparents…

Come on, a lot of people making noise all day long.

I tried to disconnect from the environment visiting a store or going for a walk on the beach. Jaipur Escort Service In fact, that was when one day a photo was sent to my mobile. I opened it and my eyes went wide. It was a picture of my aunt Pilar in a bikini! There was really nothing wrong, I saw her every day in a swimsuit, although the message that accompanied it seemed strange to me.

“Like it?”.

I was a little stunned, although I wanted to think that it was all in my head, that I was seeing it from the perverse side when it was surely an innocent photo. I wrote “Looks good on you!”, Udaipur Escort Service I put the phone away and I didn’t think about it anymore. I thought that when I returned to the apartment she would tell me something, but no.

There she was in the living room, reading a book so calmly. In fact, I went over to talk to her about simple nonsense, to see if that was how I could get her to talk about it.

But no, everything went normally, and I didn’t want to bring it up either. But that same night the thing went wild. I received a new photo of my aunt, but this time it was even more explicit. She was in a bikini, yes, but with a more suggestive pose, and the accompanying text left no room for doubt.

“Wouldn’t you like to be here with me?”.

It couldn’t be. I WAS there with her, it had to be a mistake. She was probably texting the wrong person. So, I went straight to her room to ask her what was going on. I was so embarrassed to see her in that attitude that I didn’t really think about it, and I went in without knocking on the door… serious mistake.

I found my aunt, the same one that when I have little changed my diapers, doing more than suggestive poses and with fewer clothes. My head exploded, and she was scared to death when she saw me. I couldn’t tell you which of the two had the reddest face. When we managed to calm down, I explained that I had received her photos, and she, dying of shame, told me everything: she had been talking to a boy named Diego for a long time. But recently her contacts had been erased, and she had been confused when saving the numbers again. And thanks to that mistake I added a new family trauma to my collection.

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